Thursday, June 13, 2013

Accessing Your Inner Spanish Accent or...Sound as Good as You Look!

It's a fact...If you do not like the way you sound in Spanish you are not going to speak it...chances are even if a mouth watering churro is at stake!

So let's fix that right here, right now with some fabulous tips to accessing your inner Spanish accent.

Tip 1  Get a Tutor!  I know, I know, but again ten fold, ten fold!  But this time choose a tutor based on their accent.  If they don't sound melodic when they speak Spanish then they are not the tutor for this mission. Keep in mind, your tutor does not have to be a native speaker just one that has taken the time to actually master the accent.  So when you are what I like to call "proofing" a tutor, close your eyes and ask them to tell you why Spanish is the Language to learn!  If you don't feel as if you have suddenly transported to the incredible beaches of Playas then again, this is not the tutor for the mission!

Tip 2  Start to really practice the vibrant pronunciations of the alphabet, numbers, and vowels in Spanish. These are at the core and heart of mastering the accent in Spanish and are never given enough tutelage.  You know you are almost there when you can say the alphabet forward and backward!

Tip 3  Now you must absolutely, no questions asked, start to read aloud in Spanish!  Anything and everything you can get your hands...magazines (revistas), newspapers (periodicos), you're getting the picture, right?  But here is the key, you must choose things that you, yes you, like to read!  I know, right?!  I am pretty awesome with the tips!  Really, the reason is that you will not do it unless it is something you enjoy.  So, if you like People in English then definitely pick it up in Spanish! and it will also give you something to talk about with your new Spanish speaking friends!

Tip 4  Spend at least one or two hours a week with your tutor working with you on all of these fabulous tips.  Remember, if you are taking a class at school there is usually a free tutorial program available or  check out the local colleges and of course social media sites.  One last word, if you work with a Spanish speaking friend on these tips, make sure that they are correcting you each and every time you need it.  Otherwise it's just a chat session!!

Okay, there you have it!  Let me know how it goes!