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Take a look at these great tips because getting the grade you want may not be as hard as you think!

First, talk to your instructor!  Whatever you think the situation may look like,  make that connection! Not only does it encourages your instructor about your sincerity but it will also give some really golden information on what they are looking for and expecting.  For instance, many students don't realize the importance of class participation, i.e. answering questions, reading aloud etc. 
Next,  take your golden information to your highschool or college tutoring center.  For example,  Palomar College has an excellent Star Tutoring Center right there on campus and completely free of charge!  (BTW, another great blog on making the most out of your tutoring sessions coming soon!)

Next, really stick to whatever game plan you and your tutor have come up with.  If it's to spend an extra 30 minutes on homework or just study time... Oh, how can I put this... Do it!  If it's to restructure the way you take notes...hmm... Just do it!   Remember,  we tutors have been there,  done that and have come out alive and sparkling!
And our goal is to help you get there too!

Finally,  realize that attitude is everything!  You got this, the  sky is the limit ! So take advantage of these  tips and remember you can always email me for more!


  1. Thank you so much for the great advice !!!

    1. Thanks Ann you are so welcome and thanks for visiting my site!!

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